Hello and welcome to the feature page

June 2019 CannabisPeeps.com is undergoing some major changes to the features.  Here is a temporary short list

Franchise – Franchise, chapters, branches – This feature will allow the Parent (controlling organization) to invite it’s members at a discount. The Parent Association/Organization can control the “permission” for the members.  Another great item for the Parent Organization is that it can offer discounts to it’s members.

Google Analytics – Each listing, when registered and logged in will have a Google Analytics dashboard that they can view on the side of the page. This item is only visible to “the registered subscriber” when logged in.

Free or Featured Event posting – All registered users can post events.  There is a Free post and a featured post (featured post come at a cost and places the event before the free event listings)

SEO – Each listing will be Search Engine Optimized using a subscribed tool that we implement over time.  We do not guarantee placement using this tool but it does improve performance.  Examples can be viewed using a google search for these tow items.  ” California Farm Insurance ” and  “Associated Loggers”..   CaliforniaFarmInsurance.com is one of the top place sites that is not a paid ad.  AssociatedLoggers.com is on page one but not at the top.

Promoted on – WHTme.com – Cannabis Peeps will be promoted and advertised eventually on WHTme.com, WhatsHappeningToday.com and WhatsHappeningTonight.com.  It may also perhaps have banners advertising on EverythingAgricutural.com and AthenaInsurance.com sites.

Facebook Page –  You are welcome to post on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/cbdmarketplaces/?ref=bookmarks.

Facebook Social Integration – Let is be noted that Facebook has certain rules about postings but we have a page.  Our programmers are working on a solution so that when you post an event it will integrate with you FB page. This is not an absolute.

Your Listing – Your listing on CannabisPeeps.com has a custom “template” with many areas to put in information regarding “your business.”

Do you hold events? If yes, this is a great feature for you. For example, when you post your first…say “sales events”, a “tab will appear on your listing.  Share you listing with your clients and point out where they can fin all of your events, Today,  next Week and into the future.