From time to time we add a listing with the permission of the business owner. We do this to promote the site.  But in order for the “content” to be updated you must register.

Please follow these steps to claim your listing.  We must “validate” your ownership by phone or U.S. mail. We reserve the right to also accept other evidence of such a claim.

Click on the Register link and create your “user name” and “password.” (user names cannot be changed for security purposes. No two user names will ever be the same)  Look for an activation email to arrive. The activation link should arrive within within minutes. (please check you spam folder if it does not arrive.

After activation return to the site and “login.”  Once logged in search for your listing, open the listing and then look for the link “Business Owner?” Click on Business Owner and complete the form.

Submit the form by clicking on Submit.  Now.. go enjoy your day.  We will contact you to verify ownership. Once your ownership is verified you are free to login and “edit” your business listing.

If you are prompted to pay please proceed and use this introductory coupon code.  “cannabispeeps100” (all lower case and no spaces)

If you need assistance in completing your listing call between 9-1 on Fridays only. 866-398-6939.

Best regards,