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*By far the most asked for insurance is General Liability and Product Liability.  But there are more types of insurance for businesses and you should consider the other types.

Like pieces of a puzzle, insurance “types” connect but they do not over lap!

One example is Commercial Auto.  Commercial auto is NOT covered with the purchase of General Liability and Professional Liability.  This is just one example.  Here is a list of insurance types that should be considered. The definitions are just a generalization of primary type and optional endorsements. Each and every policy can and will vary from individual to individual and state by state.

  1. General liability Insurance – General Liability insurance provide for, in most instances but not all, Bodily Injury, Property damage of others, Advertising Injury.
  2. Product Liability Insurance – Product liability for claim resulting from end users of the product
  3. Product Recall Insurance- Coverage for the cost to recall a product and more.
  4. Property Insurance – Property insurance could consist of BPP (business personal property) and/or Stock
  5. Workers Compensation Insurance – coverage for injured workers and is required by state law in many States
  6. Cyber Liability Insurance – Private data that is sensitive such as credit card information and other private client data. If you are hacked you could be sued for data breach and not protecting that data.
  7. Commercial Auto Insurance – Business Auto Insurance to cover vehicles used in the operation of the business. “My advice is to ask for a copy of your personal auto insurance policy (NOT THE DECLARATION PAGE) View the table of contents and look for the “exclusions” page. View the “exclusions” and then determine if you feel  you should switch to business auto.”
  8. Key-person Life Insurance – (ask for a brochure) Life  Insurance to cover the key person(s) in the business. Those, that if deceased, would severely impact the business.
  9. Buy-Sell Life Insurance – Life Insurance to cover the funding of a buy out agreement
  10. EPLI – Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Employment practices liability is an area of United States labor law that deals with wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, breach of contract, emotional distress, and wage and hour law violations. It may be categorized as a form of professional liability.

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