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Cannabis Insurance for your business is brought to you by Athena Insurance and Financial Services.  Athena Insurance operates in nearly all States and will soon be offering it’s services in Canada as well. To find out more regarding Athena Insurance and Financial Services go here

Our Markets and Brokerage Information

First, Athena Insurance writes with the top five insurance carriers in the industry. Working for you, we gather vital information with our online questionnaire in order to consult with and send to you the applications and information. To begin the process click here but please read further as well.

You should know the following

“First application in blocks the market”

Many people, such as yourself, want to “shop” for the best rates.  At Athena Insurance, we believe we have them.  And, as such our time becomes very valuable in working diligently for you to provide you with the best quotes in the business.  Time is money.

We will shop the various insurance carriers for you, at least two of the five depending on your operations, State and history, and present to you the best rates the insurance carriers will provide.

IMPORTANT! If  in the process we discover that other application have been submitted we will stop our efforts until we receive a complete list of carrier you have shopped. Why?

The reason is due to the fact that the insurance carriers pay their underwriters to quote your account once! They will not quote the same account for multiple agents. That would be a waste of time.  Time is money.

The point here is to interview your Agent/Broker, ask how many markets they will be shopping, determine if they understand the business and chose who you want as a broker.

We hope you will chose us, Athena Insurance and Financial Services.

“Make the wise choice and have peace of mind”

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