Cannabis Events

On you are welcome to post your cannabis and other related events on our site. Other event types are, but not limited to “Vape Conventions”,  Hemp Conventions and whatever other categories you could think of. If we do not have the category just contact us. We will add it.

My personal favorite is “Sales Event”.

You must be registered in order to post the events. If you are already logged in click here to post your event.  Registration is free!

If you do not see a “particular category” of your type of event, please contact us and we will do what we can to add it to the list of event categories.

Social Media – Facebook?

Got it! I have heard there are restriction of sorts. I personally have a Facebook page located here. You are welcome to post to my Facebook page. Be cool!

About posting events no  If you have a Facebook page you can include the page url in our event form and if your page is public, it should bring in the page information. Give it a try. It’s free.  What do I mean free?  You are not required, for now, to have a paid subscription to post your events on a short-term basis. Thus registration and event postings are free.

What is the advantage of having a paid subscription?

In the grand scheme of things having a subscription will allow “others” to see what you have to offer. In essence it is like a yellow pages ad to a degree. With our business listing all of your sales events, seminars, conventions, conventions of others and so forth will appear on a tab on your listing.  Let your followers know of your url, put the link on your Facebook page(s), on your web site and everywhere you can.

What’s new?

In the next few months will begin to appear on “The Events Happening Network!” What?

This site is the eventual mobile app name and 

What are these sites all about? Well, if you can imagine a FBish, yelpish, airbnbish, ticketMasterish, eventulish type of site where you can post and find just about any kind of event then that is what these sites will be.

Who owns these sites? These sites are owned by Wolfie! The company S Valencia International is the company that is developing and hosting the sites.

Where will these sites be available? They are designed for events in the United States currently. Eventually they may offer it’s services into other Countries.

What does it cost to post and event? Event posting is free for short periods of time such as a week at a time. Longer periods are very user friendly.

To find out more about please visit their site.